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On this page I want to show some guest projects that I think are unique and will give you other ideas for creations of your own!  More than one page of guests now!

Last Updated February 29, 2004

MARSHA made this beautiful heirloom creation for her granddaughter.  (We borrowed a beautiful little girl, Chelsea, to model it for us as Marsha's granddaughter was in Virginia at the time.)  Marsha entered the Mystery Dress Challenge sponsored by Martha Pullen and Sew Beautiful.  She used the Mystery Dress pattern and then did her own embellishing.  The dress is made from Martha's Favorite batiste in light lavender.  Lace insertion is scalloped between U-shaped loops of lace on the skirt and overlay.  Laces are edged with the pinstitch and outlined on both sides with three rows of pinstitching using the grooved foot as a guide.  The embroidery is done in white using some designs from the Martha Pullen Internet Embroidery club.  Marsha used the Customizing program these to fit together.  Marsha spent many hours in this creation and was chosen as one of the featured Mystery dresses in Sew Beautiful- issue 91, page 26.  
Here is a picture of Marsha and Chelsea on Marsha's front porch.  Marsha is wearing an outfit that she embroidered using the Ultrasuede wild roses on the sweater.  Thank you for sharing your ideas, Marsha!

 Additional Guests

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